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Clayton Little League Baseball


Divisions of Play


Tee Ball - Ages 5-6
Spring Cost: $50 - Fall Cost $50

T-ball is an introductory division for children 5-6 years. The division is NOT intended to be competitive but is focused on FUN. Game scores and individual team standings are not recorded.

There is typically one practice during the week and one game during the weekend that last 3 innings (approximately 1 hour).

Players will be exposed to the basics of baseball including hitting, catching, throwing and base running. Players could graduate throughout the season from hitting off a tee to coaches pitching.

Clayton Little League believes hitting only off the tee promotes learning proper swing path and makes the success of an at bat less dependent on a coach finding the small strike zone. Using the tee for hitting process is a recognized practice technique from age 4 all the way through Major League Baseball.  


Skill Goals

  • Learn which direction to run the bases.
  • Learn bat/equipment safety.
  • Learn basic throwing skills.
  • Introduction to positions (infield, outfield, bases)
  • Introduction to team sports and getting along with others.
  • Have Fun!


Machine Pitch - Ages 7-8
Spring Cost: $85 - Fall Cost $85


Machine Pitch is a developmental Division and is composed of children ages 7 - 8 years old. All players are evaluated prior to team formation in the areas of hitting, catching, throwing, and base running. Each player is assigned an individual and overall rating. Once the assessment is completed, balanced teams are formed based on player assessment ratings and then assigned to a Manager and Coach.

Machine Pitch is a competitive Division, however, coaching emphasis is upon player instruction and development. Children hit from a pitching machine to provide the greatest consistency possible. Division rules are in-place to encourage player rotation in a variety of positions.

Nine players are assigned to field positions each inning, and all roster players bat whether assigned to a field position or not. Game scores and standings are recorded. 

Skill Goals

  • Learn the fundamentals of batting with emphasis on proper stance, grip and swing.
  • Learn the fundamentals of how to hold, aim and throw a ball.
  • Learn the fundamentals of fielding ground balls with emphasis on proper stance, glove and hand position.
  • Learn the fundamentals of catching fly balls with emphasis on moving to the ball location and proper glove and hand position.
  • Learn the fundamentals of base running.
  • Learn basic baseball rules and strategy and how to apply these in offensive and defensive situations.
  • Learn the importance of respecting the Umpires (as representatives of the rules, order and fair play necessary for fun and sportsmanship).
  • Learn to love the game of baseball and come back next year!

Division Rules

Machine Pitch play is governed by the rules established by Little League Baseball  and Clayton Little League.

Kid Pitch - Ages 9-12  
Spring Cost: $99 - Fall Cost $99

Clayton Little League Kid Pitch Division is using an ability-based model. This model helps players at all ages compete against players of their same skill level regardless of age. Using this model, it allows each player to have success at whichever level they compete. It allows the advanced player to play against other players of a similar skill level. It allows the developing player the chance to play positions that they might not be able to play if they simply aged up with their age groups with a focus on learning the game of baseball.


Minors Division Skill Sets & Goals


- Develop the fundamentals of fielding with emphasis on proper stance, glove and hand position.

- Develop batting skills through proper stance and determination of pitches to swing at.

- Develop fielding skills (infield and outfield, throwing to correct base, backing up plays, etc.).

- Develop base running savvy (when to run and listening to the 1st and 3rd base coaches, etc.)

- Develop proper sliding technique.

- Pitchers learning proper throwing mechanics.

- Batting skills development (bunting, pitch selection and reading signals)

- Increased development of catchers as importance of position increases. (signals, blocking, pass balls, making good throws) 

- Pitching emphasis (Good mechanics, injury prevention, and development of pitching variety (fastball, change-up, location).

- Develop base running skills for situational play.

- After fielding the ball knowing where to make the throw and getting it there. 

- Working as a team to get outs.


Players will be evaluated each pre-season. Once the evaluation is completed, CLL will conduct player drafts supervised by the Player Agent and completed by the team managers. Teams will be in 2 divisions, National (9,10 and 11 year old's) and American (10,11 and 12 year old's) based on evaluation and draft. 


At the kid pitch level, players will start to learn the values of winning and losing. While winning is the ultimate goal, these players need to be reminded that it’s okay to lose also. Losing a game doesn’t matter if you tried hard, used good sportsmanship, and had fun doing it! 


Clayton Little League Kid Pitch Division Baseball will be governed by rules published by Little League International. 



Juniors - Ages 13-14

Spring Cost: $99 - Fall Cost $99

Practice & Game Information

Every season we are asked about practice and games times, days and locations.   Our league has over 20 teams per season so practices days are not the same each week.  Teams typically practice or play games on Monday - Thursday or on Saturday.  Times vary throughout the day on Saturday but during the week in Clayton games/practices will start at 6:00pm.  We do play some games in Garner with those times ranging from a 6:15pm start time up until an 8:00pm start time for our Juniors (13-14) age group.   Our youngest age groups play at the earliest times.   

The spring season runs from mid/late February through the last week of school which is usually mid-June.   The fall season runs from late August until the end of October, weather permitting.  Please contact us at [email protected] with any additional questions.  


If your child is registered to play Clayton Little League and a refund is requested while registration is still open:
We will process the refund less any applicable processing fee charged to Clayton Little League during registration.  A check will be mailed  to the home address used for registration within 30 days of registration cancellation email sent/received. .

If your child is registered to play Clayton Little League and a refund is requested after registration has closed but before the first game:

We will process the refund less any applicable processing fee charged to Clayton Little League during registration.  A check will be mailed  to the home address used for registration within 30 days of registration cancellation email sent/received. 

Refunds are not issued after the games have started and the season is under way.

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